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Ketchup and Mustard Update

Another great typographic solution by Jaime Van Wart of Ketchup and Mustard for Bida Manda, a Laotian restaurant located in downtown Raleigh. You can definitely see the influence of her stationery/wedding work, which seems to flow seamlessly into restaurant menus, signage, and even wallpaper. The elegant patterns create a nice background that complements the friendly [...]

Sean Fennessy

Some very American photography by Australian Sean Fennessy. By American, of course, I’m complimenting him — his body of work can easily be compared to the likes of Robert Frank, Robert Adams or other early photographers of the American West. It’s just stuff I’m easily attracted to, because it’s so damn good. See more at [...]

December 10 / 2012
Author John
Category Book, Photography, Website
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Studio Sammut

Sure, mustaches are rather hip at the moment. Or Hip-ster. Face it, they are everywhere. But, with a name like The Misters Cycles Co., it only seems appropriate that Sydney-based Studio Sammut would run with the current trend for their most recent branding project. They did a great job of creating customized centered type lockups, [...]

May 10 / 2012

Hillman Curtis

Hillman Curtis wrote the book on Flash web design, designed some of the earliest animated websites, and then left the technnology completely to focus on much larger corporate websites. For those of us who always feel one or two steps behind the ever-evolving web, Hillman managed to stay one or two steps ahead. When he [...]

April 24 / 2012
Author John
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Natural High

Natural High would naturally be alluring to anybody who views travel to remotes places as an adventure, as a chance to escape, or simply as a necessity. Natural High is an agency that plans and guides travel to wild places in Africa, and they hired One Darnley Road to give them a new identity and [...]

March 22 / 2012
Author John
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Free Font Friday

This week’s free font find comes by way of design blog Line25, run by designer Chris Spooner, and arrives in the form of a curated collection of 20 @font-face sans serif fonts, free for use on any web design project. Thanks Chris, for putting together a pretty good list of readily-available, absolutely free web fonts.

March 09 / 2012
Author John
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