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Great typographic play for the Flow Festival by Tsto, a design firm based out of Finland. A bit frivolous, perhaps hard to read? Maybe. I’d argue that the seemingly hazardous layouts and visually striking typography and color palette make a visual connection to music that is subconsciously more powerful than any clear type and image [...]

March 19 / 2013

Daniel Blackman

Dan Blackman’s portfolio is filled with really amazing work, but I was particularly drawn to his ongoing rebrand of the Pointer Brand of clothing. I love pointers, but I really like his blend of sans serif and serif fonts, with a sprinkling of script here and there. It’s immediately Americana, which make perfect sense because [...]


I’d be surprised if I haven’t featured the work of London-based Build before. Their works is just so, well, take a look. Fucking good? The posters seen above designed for Gary Hustwig’s film Urbanized are clever and well-executed, combining simple line illustrations and Avant Garde Gothic. I thought only Lubalin was allowed to use that [...]

August 10 / 2012
Author John
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Processing Posters

I have to admit that the concept of Processing has always scared me a little, probably because I don’t really understand it. However, I’m intrigued by the possibilities, and especially by the incredible information graphics the software has been used to create. Ben Barry and his team at Facebook used Processing to develop the posters [...]

June 22 / 2012
Author John
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Tim Boelaars

I grew up camping, fishing, and hunting, and so I guess you could say I was naturally drawn to these pieces by Tim Boelaars, an illustrator from The Netherlands. While I don’t do much hunting these days, I still do fish and camp, and there’s a simplicity his artwork that really captures the spirit of [...]

May 03 / 2012

The People’s Pennant

Jessica K. Heltzel, Tim Hoover, Eric R. Mortensen have teamed up to create The People’s Pennant, a project that aims to “elevate the pennant from the confines of sports to celebrate the everyday.” And elevate these pennants do. I really enjoyed watching their factory tour video – it’s the kind of thing where the process [...]

March 19 / 2012
Author John
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No Doubt

A Clockwork Orange was a beautiful and deeply disturbing vision of Stanley Kubrick. It’s a really great movie, one of my favorites. These posters from Us & Them, created for No Doubt’s 2009 reunion tour, tap into the 1960′s corporate minimalist style, yet still retain that Kubrick creep factor. Great concept, great execution.

February 09 / 2012
Author John
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