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Ten Days Arts Festival

Take a loot at this material for the Ten Days Arts festival, in Tasmania, Australia. Fun, energetic, and colorful, design firm Toko sought to develop “a versatile and dynamic identity based on the juxtaposition of the arts and nature.” The festival brings artists and performers from Island Cultures around the globe together for an island-wide [...]

March 03 / 2012
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Loose Leaf Sale

Today is the last day to get your hands on the sweet Loose Leaf publication/print series, by Manual, for 30% off. From their website, “Published annually, each edition is a carefully curated selection of artworks by artists, designers, and photographers that have caught the attention of the studio.” The project also serves to celebrate the [...]

February 23 / 2012
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Swissted posters

Do the names Josef Müller-Brockmann or Herbert Matter mean anything to you? If so, the name Mike Joyce might also be of interest. In his Swissted project, Joyce has taken old Punk and Indie Rock posters and reformatted them in the Swiss International Typographic style. Some of the posters are clever, like the Black Flag [...]