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Isn’t it great to stumble upon a website that you had tweeted, pinned, or blogged about light years ago? I think it is. It’s like rekindling an old friendship. I can’t remember the first time I saw the work of SouthSouthWest, but I was happy to find them again. This Australian branding and design agency [...]

February 21 / 2013

Daniel Blackman

Dan Blackman’s portfolio is filled with really amazing work, but I was particularly drawn to his ongoing rebrand of the Pointer Brand of clothing. I love pointers, but I really like his blend of sans serif and serif fonts, with a sprinkling of script here and there. It’s immediately Americana, which make perfect sense because [...]

Salih Kucukaga Design

It’s the little things that please us designers the most, and Salih Kucukaga’s portfolio has plenty of little details to appreciate. Check out his latest work completed for Los Angeles’ Espresso Republic cafés. Notice the little orange ring at the bottom of Espresso Republic’s coffee cups – that match the letter pressed business cards. Helllo! [...]

Ineo Designlab

I can’t tell you much about this project other than it’s an identity for a wine label and it was designed by company out of Denmark. How’s that for investigative journalism? Something tells me that the logo was inspired by either the mountains or a loaf of bread. Either way, the circular icon made out [...]

May 11 / 2012
Author John
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Matthew Genitempo

Matthew Genitempo is a graphic designer in Austin Texas with a terrific sense of style. Mixing handmade craft with a bit of wit, his portfolio not only eloquently shows his work, but also reflects reflects his personality. He seems like the kind of guy you would want to go fishing or have a beer with, [...]

April 25 / 2012
Author John
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karlssonwilker inc.

I was first introduced to the work of karlssonwilker inc. through their monogram, tellmewhy, which chronicled their first 24 months in business. I was a student at Syracuse at the time, and thumbing through the book I recall thinking, these guys must have a lot of fun. And finally, after months of having a “new [...]

April 23 / 2012
Author John
Category Design, Packaging
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And Smith

& Smith is a small design firm in London with some really big ideas. The design of their website is boutique-like, but the pictures are big, the descriptions succinct, and the examples are awesome. Take their branding for Altitude Music, for example. Clean, bold, bright – it reminds me of early MTV. Photographs of studio-lit [...]

March 21 / 2012
Author John
Category Branding, Design, Identity
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Mas Mucho

Okay, let’s look a little closer at one of Mucho’s projects. What kind of blogger would I be if I just threw a couple of images together and said, hey look at these? I was really impressed by this line of packaged food goods for Buenas Migas, including jars of jams and spreads, tea, coffee, [...]

March 14 / 2012

Mucho Por Favor

Spanish design firm Mucho has such a fantastic portfolio, I simply selected the first four projects I came across. That just made the process a whole lot easier for me, because I simply couldn’t decide which project might be “the best.” The website is also in Spanish, as you might imagine, and I haven’t spoken [...]

March 13 / 2012

Not too Few

My Pinterest feed is a pretty good indication of the type of project I’ve recently been granted: packaging. Or, as my pinboard is titled, The Whole Package. I haven’t worked on any sort of package design in quite some time, and so I’ve been surfing the web like a madman in search of something new, [...]

March 08 / 2012
Author John
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