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Javas Lehn

I think I may have posted about Javas Lehn before. Let me check, yep. Sometimes I bookmark a site and then forget to delete it, and that’s what’s happening today. Maybe I subconsciously wanted to revisit his site in the future, because his work is so freaking good. Two days ago I showcased an identity [...]

May 02 / 2012

Feltron 2011 Annual Report

Even though he was busy putting together the Facebook timeline last year, giving presentations on data, charts, and numbers, and teaching Interaction Design at SVA, Nicholas Felton still managed to find time to compile data and create graphs for his personal, and now ubiquitous, Annual Report. Although, this year it comes in the form of [...]

February 28 / 2012
Author John
Category Design
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If design is about solving communications problems, then design is not art. In most cases, art abstracts communication. However, an education weighed heavily by postmodern art swayed me to believe that art doesn’t need to be framed and hung in a gallery. I happen to hang design on my wall. And I would be more [...]

February 17 / 2012
Author John
Category Design, Poster
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