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Arseus Wall Design

Check out these walls designed by Belgium based design studio Soon. Pretty rad right? Kind of design I want on my walls. From the website: When Arseus Medical finished their brand new Office building, they asked us to decorate more then 200m2 meters of wall. The building had 4 floors and every floor got a [...]

May 31 / 2012

Get London Reading

What is that, Avant Garde Gothic? Nice. I don’t think I’ve used that font since college, but I’m really loving its application for the Get London Reading campaign designed by KentLyons. Created for Booktrust to get Londoners reading books set in London, KentLyons created a simple type lockup set next to a line of books. [...]

May 15 / 2012

Javas Lehn

I think I may have posted about Javas Lehn before. Let me check, yep. Sometimes I bookmark a site and then forget to delete it, and that’s what’s happening today. Maybe I subconsciously wanted to revisit his site in the future, because his work is so freaking good. Two days ago I showcased an identity [...]

May 02 / 2012

IS Studio

IS stands for “Ingrediente Secreto,” that unique “thing” in the soul of anyone driven to create with real passion, real originality. Founded by Richars Meza in 2010, IS Studio has compiled an impressive list of cultural clients and created quite a unique portfolio for themselves. One of the projects that really struck me was the [...]

April 09 / 2012
Author John
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Studio Aad at Play

Studio Aad is a design consultancy based in Dublin. That’s Ireland, you knuckleheads. All of their work is worth checking out, but I particularly enjoy the identity and signage they created for a music festival cleverly titled, Play. Using bold typography, primary colors, and witty language, they were able to capture a youthful tone that [...]

February 13 / 2012
Author John
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