Camp and Furnace

Because I like hiking, mountain biking, fishing and the outdoors in general, it might come as no surprise that I really dig the art direction Liverpool-based design firm Smiling Wolf gave to Camp and Furnace, a unique multi-use space comprised of redeveloped warehouses. Studios, bars, and even a hotel make this somewhat of a hip cultural hub, and Smiling Wolf uniquely positions the entire area as “the great indoors” a very clever and appropriate metaphor indeed. A clean din-like font is used in black throughout to complement black line art and icons of the great outdoors – bears, campers, campfires – all those things I love, combined with some other things I also love – beer and good food.

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November 13 / 2012

Jack Trench Cabinet Makers

One day when I’m rich and famous, or just rich, I’ll be able to hire bespoke cabinet makers like Jack Trench Ltd to visit my home and make magic out of the sad section of my home I call a kitchen. We all know that we are only as creative as our surroundings, which is why us designers like to fancy up (or down) our work spaces like we mean business. As if each design decision we make is a signature in the oval office. Imagine the havoc we could wreak in the kitchen if our cabinets looked like these? Being rich can’t come soon enough.

October 19 / 2012

Frieze Art Fair Campaign

The thought of fireworks during the daytime never really occurred to me, which is why I really appreciate this campaign for the Frieze Art Fair, in London. Produced by London-based design firm Graphic Thought Facility, the combination of CMYK-like streaks of color combine and clash with the natural white clouds, creating a minimalist abstract painting. I like the contrast between the fluffy textures and the Tetris-inspired typography.

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October 05 / 2012

Ketchup and Mustard

Ketchup and Mustard is the creative studio of Jaime Van Wart, a User Experience Designer for IBM during the day that creates original typefaces and custom lettering pieces in her spare time. What? Sounds like one of those people you either admire or or have extreme animosity towards. I happen to admire her. Her whimsy illustrations are colorful and crafty, while her typographic style seamlessly combines custom scripts with classic sans. I discovered her work through Pinterest while looking for wedding invitation and save the date ideas. If there is any animosity I have towards her, it’s simply by way of jealousy – knowing well ahead of time that whatever I create will pale in comparison to her creative solutions. Damn it.

September 11 / 2012


The look of a travel agency modeled after a cigar – now that’s not something you see every day. I suppose when said travel agency is “The Cuban Travel Company,” it makes perfectly good sense (I hear they make good cigars, or something like that). Pollen worked with travel photographer Maya Humo to create a series of images that reflect Cuban clichés like red clay roofs and palms trees. I absolutely love the bright turquoise and orange hues that the photographs emit. The bold slab serif simply knocks out in white and, wham bam, a Travel Agency that looks like the product it’s promoting. Go figure!

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August 15 / 2012
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I’d be surprised if I haven’t featured the work of London-based Build before. Their works is just so, well, take a look. Fucking good? The posters seen above designed for Gary Hustwig’s film Urbanized are clever and well-executed, combining simple line illustrations and Avant Garde Gothic. I thought only Lubalin was allowed to use that typeface? Not anymore. See more at

August 10 / 2012
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If you agree that creating a brand is all about creating a memorable experience, then I think you’ll find that Bardot leaves a lasting impression indeed. Created by Landor, this video combines sexy typography with curvy type – or vice versa – along with stop-motion graphics of the product and packaging. While sweets are often tied to sensuality, I’ve never seen anything that really marries the two in such an obvious and over-the-top manner. It’s energetic, engaging and exciting. And it’s ice cream. Good design never tasted so good.

August 07 / 2012

View from the ISS at Night

Stop any of the best movies ever made at any moment, and chances are you will have a perfectly composed photograph. And that’s what intrigues me about this video – each frame is a photograph taken from the International Space Station. I’m not sure that each still is spectacular — there are probably limitations to composing images from a stabilized camera floating miles from earth — but something really special happens when you combine each one in a timeline. It’s really quite magical, don’t you think?

July 19 / 2012
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