What is that, Avant Garde Gothic? Nice. I don’t think I’ve used that font since college, but I’m really loving its application for the Get London Reading campaign designed by KentLyons. Created for Booktrust to get Londoners reading books set in London, KentLyons created a simple type lockup set next to a line of books. Brilliant. They then created a series of stencils of excerpts from books and spray-painted the words across town. What better way to get people to read books set in London than to read words, set in London? In addition, there is a website and iPhone app that plots plots books across London on a map, and lets users search for books in their area. How cool is that?

KentLyons was formed in 2003 by James Kent and Noel Lyons. Their work spans branding, digital, print, advertising, strategy and environmental design. Discovered via site inspire.