The title of Simon Harnet’s project, Melt: Portrait of an Iceberg, can be a little misleading. While it is certainly a descriptive title, it might also project global warming as the primary cause. Icebergs are certainly the first thing we think of whenever global warming is the topic, however, it is impossible to know if Harsnet has followed the entire life of just one. As Harsnet describes, “This portfolio begins with images of the massive icebergs as they enter Greenland’s Disco Bay from the Ilulissat Icefjord; it ends with the icebergs off the East Coast of Newfoundland, by which time they have travelled hundreds of miles…” So does the series project global warming? Of course it does. However, it doesn’t accomplish this by scientific method of photographic documentation, but more so in by way of artistic interpretation. With that in mind, the photos themselves are incredibly beautiful. Crystal clear and Lit with soft light that reflects a cool color palette, the images ultimately become about contradictory surfaces and textures: soft versus hard, smooth but jagged, rounded and edgy. The icebergs are massive, but they are floating elegantly on water. View more of Harsnet’s work at