I was first introduced to the work of karlssonwilker inc. through their monogram, tellmewhy, which chronicled their first 24 months in business. I was a student at Syracuse at the time, and thumbing through the book I recall thinking, these guys must have a lot of fun. And finally, after months of having a “new site coming soon” website, karlssonwilker has updated their online portfolio, showcasing a ton of incredible new projects. Always meticulously crafted with detail, their work usually exudes a neo-modernist pop cultural aesthetic. Their work for Brooklyn-based Skirl Records portrays this perfectly, contrasting sharply dimensional geometric shapes and bold typography with bright neon colors. karlssonwilker admits that this client serves as an experimental playground, but you get the sense that this is the kind of design they want to create. It’s the kind of work that makes me think, hey, these guys have a lot of fun.