& Smith is a small design firm in London with some really big ideas. The design of their website is boutique-like, but the pictures are big, the descriptions succinct, and the examples are awesome. Take their branding for Altitude Music, for example. Clean, bold, bright – it reminds me of early MTV. Photographs of studio-lit still-lifes – from robots to dominoes – add a bit of humor to an otherwise straightforward brand system.

From their website: “Altitude Music specialize in crafting high quality, cutting edge music for media professionals to use in advertising campaigns, films, computer games and so on. We developed a bold and distinctly modern design palette for a visual identity encompassing a logotype, stationery, CD covers and a website. With a vast amount of music on offer, clarity and ease of use was of the utmost importance – the website employs a clean palette and user-friendly navigation, while CDs are numbered sequentially, with eccentric still life photography suggesting the content of each CD.”