My Pinterest feed is a pretty good indication of the type of project I’ve recently been granted: packaging. Or, as my pinboard is titled, The Whole Package. I haven’t worked on any sort of package design in quite some time, and so I’ve been surfing the web like a madman in search of something new, something relevant. However, for whatever reason, I find I’ve been attracted to solutions that are somewhat classical in their approach. I know booze really lends itself to this approach, but the line of Few liquor bottles designed by Illinois design firm Wilburn Thomas really nails the modern meets old-fashion look on the head. Each bottle features a really fantastic one-color illustration (there might also be a silver PMS in there) to differentiate the kind of alcohol, for example, a Ferris Wheel for American Gin, and a hot air balloon for Whiskey. Everything from the typography to the die-cut labels look custom. Just has premium written all over it.

via The Dieline.