I’d like to begin this post by pointing out that, as a new design blog, I basically rely on looking for inspiration and content from, well, other design blogs. There’s a slew of them that I visit on a regular basis and I try to reference sources whenever possible. Today, I’d like to point out one of the blogs that I think does it best: September Industry. Each post is a close look at the latest projects of a design firm or freelance designer, they provide large images (at least 800 pixels wide), and they even contact the creators for reference and details. September Industry really sets the bar high, in my mind.

Most recently, I was drawn to the work they posted from London design firm Sudio 2br, especially the newsletter for Deutsche Bank. Clean typography, clear hierarchy, lots of white space, nice bold line work, large images – should I go on? Find out more at, where else but September Industry, or 2br.