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Great typographic play for the Flow Festival by Tsto, a design firm based out of Finland. A bit frivolous, perhaps hard to read? Maybe. I’d argue that the seemingly hazardous layouts and visually striking typography and color palette make a visual connection to music that is subconsciously more powerful than any clear type and image [...]

March 19 / 2013

Daniel Blackman

Dan Blackman’s portfolio is filled with really amazing work, but I was particularly drawn to his ongoing rebrand of the Pointer Brand of clothing. I love pointers, but I really like his blend of sans serif and serif fonts, with a sprinkling of script here and there. It’s immediately Americana, which make perfect sense because [...]

Frieze Art Fair Campaign

The thought of fireworks during the daytime never really occurred to me, which is why I really appreciate this campaign for the Frieze Art Fair, in London. Produced by London-based design firm Graphic Thought Facility, the combination of CMYK-like streaks of color combine and clash with the natural white clouds, creating a minimalist abstract painting. [...]

October 05 / 2012

SilentPartner for Snowman

Shane Loorham teams with a host of design agencies in Melbourne as SilentPartner. Clever name, right? I have to assume it’s hard to go unnoticed, however, with a portfolio like Shane’s that is jam-packed with excellent examples of brand identities, custom typography, clever layouts – you name it. The fun calligraphy and illustration for The [...]

June 04 / 2012

Arseus Wall Design

Check out these walls designed by Belgium based design studio Soon. Pretty rad right? Kind of design I want on my walls. From the website: When Arseus Medical finished their brand new Office building, they asked us to decorate more then 200m2 meters of wall. The building had 4 floors and every floor got a [...]

May 31 / 2012

Javas Lehn

I think I may have posted about Javas Lehn before. Let me check, yep. Sometimes I bookmark a site and then forget to delete it, and that’s what’s happening today. Maybe I subconsciously wanted to revisit his site in the future, because his work is so freaking good. Two days ago I showcased an identity [...]

May 02 / 2012

The People’s Pennant

Jessica K. Heltzel, Tim Hoover, Eric R. Mortensen have teamed up to create The People’s Pennant, a project that aims to “elevate the pennant from the confines of sports to celebrate the everyday.” And elevate these pennants do. I really enjoyed watching their factory tour video – it’s the kind of thing where the process [...]

March 19 / 2012
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Ten Days Arts Festival

Take a loot at this material for the Ten Days Arts festival, in Tasmania, Australia. Fun, energetic, and colorful, design firm Toko sought to develop “a versatile and dynamic identity based on the juxtaposition of the arts and nature.” The festival brings artists and performers from Island Cultures around the globe together for an island-wide [...]

March 03 / 2012
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Dana Tanamachi

Let’s check in to see what chalk typographer and Louis Fili Ltd employee Dana Tanamachi, has been up to. Lookey here, her journal shows a few new projects and time-lapse videos that will surely get you reacquainted. Simply incredible work. I love the fact that Oprah is pretending to draw the artwork for her own [...]

March 01 / 2012
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