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Gareth W. Rice

I love this cover designed by Gareth W. Rice for a series of short stories written by Zach Watkins. Rice gives special thanks to a programmer for the coding of the particles on the cover, and so I can only assume that was created with Processing or a similar language. You know I love that. [...]

July 11 / 2012
Author John
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What, you need animated typography for a video or animation project? Oh, here you go: animography. Suuuweeet! On the website: is a webshop/typefoundry that provides motion designers, video-editors and others in the field of the moving image with animated typefaces. These animated typefaces are easy to use, customizable and scalable without any loss of [...]

July 06 / 2012
Author John
Category Design, Typography, Video
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I’d argue that many of the unwritten rules for design (you know, flush left, ragged right, 8/11, and so on) become obsolete when designing for fashion, which is why I’m always a little jealous when I see a portfolio filled with work like that of U.K. firm DesignUnit. In particular, I’m digging the layouts for [...]

June 19 / 2012

Salih Kucukaga Design

It’s the little things that please us designers the most, and Salih Kucukaga’s portfolio has plenty of little details to appreciate. Check out his latest work completed for Los Angeles’ Espresso Republic cafés. Notice the little orange ring at the bottom of Espresso Republic’s coffee cups – that match the letter pressed business cards. Helllo! [...]

Berger & Föhr Brand

I’m a sucker for sans serif typography from the 50′s, 60′s, and 70′s — think Univers (1957), Frutiger (1976), and of course, Helvetica (1957). ITC Avant Garde Gothic, designed by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase, is loosely based on 1920′s Bauhaus fonts, but it was designed in 1970 and so it too fits the bill. [...]

June 12 / 2012
Author John
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Fivethousand Fingers

If you have a second today, head on over to the online portfolio of Fivethousand Fingers, a design duo from Vancouver, Canada. The first project that I noticed was, well, the first project – Dodge and Burn. According to the website, Dodge and Burn is “is an online boutique selling products based on the fetishized [...]

SilentPartner for Snowman

Shane Loorham teams with a host of design agencies in Melbourne as SilentPartner. Clever name, right? I have to assume it’s hard to go unnoticed, however, with a portfolio like Shane’s that is jam-packed with excellent examples of brand identities, custom typography, clever layouts – you name it. The fun calligraphy and illustration for The [...]

June 04 / 2012

Arseus Wall Design

Check out these walls designed by Belgium based design studio Soon. Pretty rad right? Kind of design I want on my walls. From the website: When Arseus Medical finished their brand new Office building, they asked us to decorate more then 200m2 meters of wall. The building had 4 floors and every floor got a [...]

May 31 / 2012

Free Font Friday

Every now and again you will find a little something special for free at Today’s free find comes by way of my good buddy Ken Hocker in the form of 38 icons aptly named Veneer Extras. Download them for free here. From the website: Veneer from Yellow Design Studio is a high resolution hand-crafted [...]

May 25 / 2012
Author John
Category Typography
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Juan Carlos Pagan

So I was perusing through some old bookmarks this morning — just taking a glance at some of the links my past self might have thought my future self would like to reference again — when I happened to cross this fairly recognizable branding project. So now I know who did this. See more work [...]

May 23 / 2012
Author John
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