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Salih Kucukaga Design

It’s the little things that please us designers the most, and Salih Kucukaga’s portfolio has plenty of little details to appreciate. Check out his latest work completed for Los Angeles’ Espresso Republic cafés. Notice the little orange ring at the bottom of Espresso Republic’s coffee cups – that match the letter pressed business cards. Helllo! [...]

Haring’s Journal

If you grew up in the 80′s and early 90′s, like me, then Keith Haring was probably a large part of your early art education. He was the artist, our Warhol, and then he was gone. That’s how I remember it anyway. The Brooklyn Museum is putting on a great exhibition of the artist’s early [...]

June 08 / 2012
Author John
Category Illustration
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Fivethousand Fingers

If you have a second today, head on over to the online portfolio of Fivethousand Fingers, a design duo from Vancouver, Canada. The first project that I noticed was, well, the first project – Dodge and Burn. According to the website, Dodge and Burn is “is an online boutique selling products based on the fetishized [...]

Arseus Wall Design

Check out these walls designed by Belgium based design studio Soon. Pretty rad right? Kind of design I want on my walls. From the website: When Arseus Medical finished their brand new Office building, they asked us to decorate more then 200m2 meters of wall. The building had 4 floors and every floor got a [...]

May 31 / 2012

Studio Sammut

Sure, mustaches are rather hip at the moment. Or Hip-ster. Face it, they are everywhere. But, with a name like The Misters Cycles Co., it only seems appropriate that Sydney-based Studio Sammut would run with the current trend for their most recent branding project. They did a great job of creating customized centered type lockups, [...]

May 10 / 2012

Jan Filek

Digging this series of 20 animal icons by German designer Jan Filek. Stock sites are flooded with vector artwork, but it’s easy to separate custom design like this from hackneyed iconography. Easy to notice and write about, I should say, not create. These illustrations have great visual balance, thick line work, and nice form. Neat-o!

May 08 / 2012
Author John
Category Design, Illustration
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The Life of Julia

President Obama and Vice President Biden are taking a direct strike at presidential hopeful Mitt Romney in the form of an illustrated journey on their website. As the subtitle describes, “Take a look at how President Obama’s policies help one woman over her lifetime—and how Mitt Romney would change her story.” The interactive short story [...]

May 04 / 2012
Author John
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Tim Boelaars

I grew up camping, fishing, and hunting, and so I guess you could say I was naturally drawn to these pieces by Tim Boelaars, an illustrator from The Netherlands. While I don’t do much hunting these days, I still do fish and camp, and there’s a simplicity his artwork that really captures the spirit of [...]

May 03 / 2012

Studio Patten

Studio Patten does: art direction, graphic design, editorial illustration, web, typography, and packaging. I dig their playful approach to both design, writing, and illustration. Sometimes you see awesome work, but their explanation or tone of voice just doesn’t seem to fit. Studio Patten makes it simple and poetic: Trusting in design as a starting point. [...]

April 03 / 2012
Author John
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All of Sciencwerk’s werk, uh, work, is really good, but I was really drawn to the fun illustrations for the “toasts menu” of Woodbee Singapore. Toast is a really simple food, and I think the warm color palette and flat two-dimensional drawings are appropriate — even makes toast look a little appetizing. Just me? I [...]

March 18 / 2012
Author John
Category Design, Illustration
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